Selkirk Rex

Among the rex coated cats the Selkirk is unique. The Selkirk is neither slender nor elegant like the Cornish, Devon oder German Rex. The Selkirk Rex is rather sturdy built with thick plush soft irregular curled coat. Their ORIGIN is in a shelter in Tierheim in Wyoming/USA where in 1987 a household pet together with her kittens was droped off. One of the kittens had a curly coat. This cat got adopted by Jeri Newman (Noface Cattery Montana, USA) and was named Miss DePesto. When Miss DePesto was old enough Newman bred her to a Persian boy. This breeding produced 6 kittens, 3 of them had curly coat - this proofed that the curly coat was caused by a dominant gene. Research showed that Mis De Pestos mother and her litter mates had normal coat - the assumption that the curly coat is caused by a genetic mutation later was sientifically proofen. By now we have a genetic test that can verify i f a cat has one or two copies of the gene for curly coat.

But how did the breed get it's name? It is assumed that Jeri Newman was thinking about a Alexander Selkirk (1676-1721), a scottish sailor whos adventures may have inspired Daniel Defoe to the novel „Robinson Crusoe“. Selkirk is sipposed to have tamed wild cats and tought them to dance. It's also said Jeri Newman chose the name „Selkirk“ in honor of her father in law.

The APPEARANCE of the Selkirk is that of a medium to large cuddly teddy bear. The body powerful and muscular, strontg bones and rounded contours. Selkirk Rex come in Shorthair and Longhair. The texture of the coat is soft, full and obviously curly. While in the longhair the curls develope to a loose uncoordinate coat, it developes to sheep like soft curls all over the body in the Shorthair. The maintenance is easy as the coat does not mat. The amount of curls varies depending on hair length, sex and age even within the same cat. All colors recognised in Persian and British are also recognised in Selkirk. For breeding outcrossing to British Shorthair/Longhair, Persian/Exotic/Himalayan and American Shorthair is allowed. Cats with just one Selkirk parent can be shown if they have curls.

The Selkirk Rex is a very inquisitive cat with a friendly PERSONALITY. They require their cuddles and are way more attached to people than the British. The may at first appear very layed back as the never "try" anything as they seem to think long how to do something and tha "just do it".

Here you find the TICA Selkirk Rex Standard

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