Excalibur Beth of Modany

beth 8m 1
nick name Pantherchen
color black
sire Voo Doo of Tommy's Town-House
dam Excalibur Kara Boo
pedigree pedigree
date of birth August 12, 2015
genotype aa Bb Ccs Dd oo L_
blood type A (carries B)
health screening scaned negativ for HCM + PKD October 29th, 2016

Panterchen is a granddoughter that brings back to me old valuable and interesting new lines. She has a phantastic coat and great eye color though reflects the slow growing lines that only come to full bloom after the first litter.

She is currently raisung her first kittens.


Quella Joy of Life

quella 17m 1
nickname Puppe
color lilac point
sire IC Henrich von Hunady
dam Isabella Joy of Life
date of birth June 4th, 2014
geno type aa bb cscs dd oo L_
blood type A, carries b
health screenings   scaned negativ for HCM + PKD July 13th, 2015
  One thing is sure in cat breeding: It never goes as planed... ;-) I hadn't planed at all to buy another cat, though when I saw Quella's pictures with her phantastic blue round eyes I was lost. Quellas next litter will be with RW QGC Modany Taifun.


 Modany Jules

jules 8m 1
nickname Jules
color seal lynx point
sire Blueridgecats Billy Whizz
dam Modany ZsaZsa
date of birth March 19th, 2013
Geno type Aa Bb cscs Dd oo LL
blood type A, trägt B
health screeningf    scanned negativ for HCM + PKD December 08th, 2014
  Jules is a very cuddly cat and is also passing on her personality. Though with showing she was done after kitten class. She is an excellent mother and raised her first litter together with Flöcki.


 EnHouse Elena

Floecki 19m
nickname Flöcki
color fawn tortie white Selkirk Rex Longhair
sire English House Milan
dam Big Panther's Dolce Garbana
date of birth February 16, 2013
geno type aa b'b' Ccs dd Oo ll S_
blood type A
health screenings    scaned negativ for HCM + PKD February 08th, 2014

Flöcki is my first Selkirk Rex and is coming from Ukraine. She is a rather small girl with a very strong will. She is the definition of a lap cat and fascinated by everything edible, no matter if it was ment for her or not, she makes sure she get's her shar. Flöcki is homocygous for the curly gene which means all her kittens will be curly. She is passing on her outgoing personality and her kittens usually are her size by the age of 6 months.


DGC Badsworth Mariska

brut 22m
nickname Brut, Brüter
color lilac point
sire Badsworth Frodo Baggins
dam Modany Zabrina
date of birth July 20th, 2010
geno type aa bb' cscs dd oo LL
blood type A
health screenings scanned negativ for HCM + PKDOctober 5th, 2011 and December 08th, 2014

Brut is bringing me back the cinnamon and a very hardy old english line with excellent coat quality. I dont think there is a cat with more self-confidence than her. She isn't only everywhere there is action but she amakes sure she is the center of it. She is loudly complaining against every closed door and determined to overcome that obstacle at first chance - never mind what's behind it.
Brut is a phantastic mother and is rather gaining than loosing weight with each litter. Her outgoing personality she is passing on to her kittens - she is currently raising 5 boys in the colors cinnamon, cinamon white and chocolate white.

 Epreserdei Darinka

Darinka 1j6m
nickname Hamster
color lilac tortie
sire DGC Bumblebears Calexico Printstone
dam GIC Modany Kalahari of Epreserdei
date of birth July 21st, 2009
geno type aa bb' Ccs dd Oo LL
blood type A, carries B
health screenings scaned negativ for HCM + PKD May 7th, 2011 and December 8th, 2014
  With Darinka I got back a grand child. She is a large and strong built girl with excellent typpe and nice short dense coat. I only found out later that she is also a cinnamon carrier which could be a huge gain for cinnamon breeding. If all worked out well her next kittens are due middle of February 2016,

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