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We ciurrently have no babies that are looking for a home though we are looking to rehome Modany Qurly Divine, Selkirk Rex Longhair, born May 31, 2016.
The next babies are expected to be bonr no earlier than end of March..


These are the litters we are planing for 2019:
RW TGC Silvercharm Saffron x Modany Delorean - possible colors are boys in red, cream, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac and fawn, girls in the coresponding tortie varieties.
Modany Firefly x Modany Delorean - all babies will be pointed, boys in red, cream, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac und fawn, girls in the coresponding tortie varieties, with and without tabby.
Qtcat Purissima x Modany caruso - possible colors are chocolate and lilac, with and without tabby, in point and solid.
Modany Xcelsior x Hitclif Tanzanit - possible colors are boys in red and cream, girls in black tortie and blue tortie.


The order of the litters will be determined by the girls.

These are the next shows I will be at:

19./20. Jänner 2019 - Blue Danube Cat Club, Preßbaum, Österreich
25.-27. Jänner 2019 - TNCC, Portland, OR, USA
2./3. Februar 2019 - JetCat, Moskau, Russland
1./3. März 2019 - KaTICA, Budapest, Ungarn
16./17. März 2019 - EuroCat, Saint Raphael, Frankreich
23./24. März 2019 - Klub Kota X-Treme, Warschau, Polen
30./31. März 2019 - All About Cats, Biedermansdorf, Österreich
20./21. April - AustrianCats United, Haag, Österreich
27./28. April - Catsachusetts, Cambridge, MA, USA

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